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Designed for Businesses like Yours

The Tigerpaw Business Suite started out circa 1984 in the DOS world as a desperately needed solution for automating companies that sell telephone systems. While we’re still the #1 solution in that space, we've branched out a lot over the last 30 years. If you are a technology provider – telecom, IT, VAR, AV, security and alarm – you’ll not find a more comprehensive, proven professional services automation solution than Tigerpaw. We’re designed for businesses like yours, and we've already made thousands of others successful. When purchasing a business solution, it’s all about solving the pain points. If one or more of the following questions apply to you, we should talk. If more than half apply to you, we should talk VERY SOON. Take a look, and then give us a call and let us show you how we can improve your efficiency, help you provide better customer service, and make more money.

What Are Your Business Pain Points?

Are you managing your business with multiple disparate systems, or (gasp!) spreadsheets?

Deploying an integrated all-on-one solution can help you improve client relationships, increase customer retention and lead to better decision-making. Tigerpaw assists with managing and tracking all customer and order fulfillment activities through every stage, from inception through completion, in one system. Respond faster to customer services issues, manage interdependent tasks and incorporate real-time availability and skill sets into the planning and scheduling process.

Let Tigerpaw's ticket management system support all your key business processes, make spreadsheets a distant memory and contribute to the long-term profitability of your business.

Does your client service “process” involve trips to a file cabinet?

Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to strengthen the customer’s loyalty by providing high-quality, personalized service. Success requires the ability to respond faster to service issues by delivering the right answers to customers in real time. Your ability to access all your accounts, contacts and historical customer notes is essential to providing customer service levels that ensure your customers are satisfied, serviced and guaranteed to recommend your services in the future. Tigerpaw is account centric and provides a one-stop view for accessing all your customer accounts, contacts, service notes, billing and points of contact.

With Tigerpaw, organizations can have instant access to complete customer information along with the tools needed to turn that information into action.

Is your scheduling and dispatching getting the right people to the right jobs at the right time – every time?

Trying to dispatch, schedule, manage multiple calendars and bill accurately is a moving target. Wouldn't it be nice to view all your technicians on one group calendar, dispatch on a central board and bill directly from one database? Tigerpaw gives you the tools to do just that.

With Tigerpaw's integrated calendaring and graphical dispatch board you can now schedule your field labor force based on efficiency, skills and availability. Service technicians can also use their hand-held and mobile devices to receive all relevant information and instruction on service assignments to be planned, executed and confirmed with customers.

No longer do you have to search, cut, paste and manage multiple excel files. Combine, consolidate and work in real-time and retain control of your entire workforce with Tigerpaw.

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Do you invoice and collect payments DAILY – without human intervention?

Working in real-time with all your billing tied to your job, projects and technician labor is the best way to bill accurately for billable tech time, and to track non-billable hours, contracts, materials and varying rates of labor. Take your billing to the next level and make sure you are getting paid for every billable minute your techs work.

Tigerpaw gives you easy billing options at every point in a job, partial and progressive billing, the ability to consolidate several invoices into one bill, and the option to bill directly from a quote or service order.

Do you know where your sales are coming from next month, or even tomorrow? Does your sales forecasting involve a Ouija board?

In today’s information-driven economy, most companies are awash in customer data overload. Success requires the ability to transform that data into clear, actionable items that you can measure. With Tigerpaw’s automated sales lead management and marketing tools, organizations can have instant access to complete customer information along with intelligent lists, segmentation and communication tools to turn that data-overload into measurable results.

Eliminate manual processes, increase accuracy and gain complete visibility through all fulfillment steps by automating and tying your quotes and proposals to your work orders.

Are you completing your projects on time and under budget?

Not having the products you need when you need them can cause embarrassing delays in your order fulfillment process. With Tigerpaw you can manage the entire life cycle of the physical products you sell and deliver – and accurately forecast to increase product availability while reducing inventory levels. Materials management capabilities are integrated within the order management facility, giving you the control and feedback at all touch points throughout the order fulfillment lifecycle.

Is your inventory data usually inaccurate?

Reduce inaccuracy by tracking inventories at unlimited locations and in vehicles. Tigerpaw integrates all your order entry, inventory management, fulfillment, shipping, and billing so you can get information and goods where they are needed—fast. With an integrated inventory management solution, you can get immediate feedback about stock supplies, automate manual procedures, reduce re-keying data, improve replenishment decisions, process orders quicker, improve fill rates and customer satisfaction, and get better returns on inventory investment.

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