Our Values and Philosophy

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We believe culture can make or break a company, and a great culture NEVER happens by accident. By aligning all employees with our five core values, the Tigerpaw culture gets stronger and stronger, with free-flowing information, collaboration, accountability and a spirit of excellence.

These core values are so important to us that we talk about them in company huddles and in hallway conversations. Every employee carries a card, much like a business card, with the Five Core Values and their descriptions. We believe core values need to be promoted – and lived – from the top down.

Every day we strive to emulate our core values:

  1. PASSION - Every task, every challenge and every opportunity, we perform with purpose, pride and a positive attitude to provide the best product and customer service possible.

  2. ACCOUNTABILITY - We proactively take ownership for actions and outcomes.

  3. TEAMWORK - We drive success through strong collaboration and communication across departments and individuals.

  4. INTEGRITY - With every action and every decision we make, as a team member or as a company, we uphold that action or decision with strong ethics and sound principles.

  5. QUALITY - We embody the highest and most ethical standards. We are motivated to be the best in order to achieve the best results, and we relentlessly pursue excellence to obtain higher results.

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FOUR PILLARS OF SUCCESS - Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Building and maintaining a successful business is part art, part science and a little bit of luck. Our customers have taught us that creating a sustainable, successful company requires looking at your business in terms of four key areas that we call the pillars of success. Tigerpaw Software brings you complete business automation and best practices to all fours pillars - all in one software solution. When you learn to look at your business from the four pillar perspective, you are on the road to success

Organizing Your Business

Time is valuable, resources are never enough and payroll is always right around the corner. You need to get invoices out quickly to get paid quickly. You need accurate pricing structures in place, with a price book that can feed your accounting package. Solidifying a recurring revenue model and keeping people on your contracts is critical to your success.

Optimizing Your Customers' Experience

You've heard it before, but it really is all about the customer experience. Your clients rely on you to keep their business running. You need to respond to your customers' issues quickly, solve their problems accurately and communicate with them effectively to keep them happy and loyal.

Building Your Pipeline

Customers can go out of business or alter their service requirements. Marketing must become more than an afterthought. You need to generate new leads that turn into sales, manage your sales process and create compelling proposals for your prospects – all while selling deeper to your customer base.

Understanding Your Metrics

With your customers taken care of, your administrative processes under control and sales and marketing driving the cash flow, now is the time to excel. You need comprehensive, easy-to-understand business intelligence to make the minor and major course corrections that will propel your business forward.


Tigerpaw's complete end-to-end business automation solution helps you achieve your business objectives, while saving you time and money - all while increasing your bottom line.

When We Say We Listen - We Mean It

Life of a Feedback or Enhancement Request

Download a PDF of our process.

We want to know and better understand the challenges our customers face – in their industries and in our software. We receive many, varied requests based on how individual companies use our software – about 2,000 requests a year. Listening to voices from all industries, our goal is to find those items that positively impact all of our markets and help a large number of customers – without negatively impacting the processes of others.

All requests, issues and enhancements brought to us are entered into our tracking software. We pride ourselves in listening to our customers and enter every single request (even wishes or dreams).

Brief Overview of Our Process:

  • Stakeholders from each department represent the customer’s voice across all industries to determine impact, benefit, complexity and resource availability.

  • CAG (Customer Advisory Group) is a group of Tigerpaw customers who come together on design calls to help outline and refine product features.

  • SCRUM is the software development framework we use for managing our software development process.

  • Automated Scripts are written and run against each release to ensure the software features and functions continue to perform as expected.

  • Live Beta Testing allows Tigerpaw customers to use the product in their daily business processes and provide feedback on usability and overall performance prior to the public release.

  • Post Release a retrospective is performed with CAG to discuss how the new feature is working in the real-world environment and identify areas for refinement.

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