Meet TREK - Pricing

The resource kit for Tigerpaw. Also known as Tigerpaw’s BFF. Here is why you need it.

The Tigerpaw Group Explorer. Perhaps the most powerful feature that never gets used. Why? Who has the time to manually add accounts to all those different account groups? Those days are gone. Each night, using rules that you create, TREK will automatically scan the assets and contract items for all of your customers and automatically assign them to the account groups you've chosen. Yea, really! We call it Profiling. Now you can use Group Explorer to create service orders, send emails, or schedule activities for entire groups of customers with a mere mouse click.

How many times have you wanted to do a bit of Tigerpaw housekeeping only to find you didn't have the means to do it? Perhaps you want to retire an old service order type or you want to move all tasks actions from one type to another. Maybe your opportunities are out of date or you need to move a bunch of service orders from one contract to another. Our global replace and reassign features gives you access to find and reassign nearly twenty different statuses throughout Tigerpaw.

Years of Tigerpaw use usually creates a lot of old price book items and accounts. Sure you can go old-school and, one by one, open and change the status. Or you can use Trek’s Locate and Remove feature. With just a few clicks, you can hunt down every place a part has been used. You can find all the parts with no activity for 1, 2, 3 or more years and deactivate them. The same can be done for customer and vendor accounts.

If you are a SQL DBA, feel free to put your mad query skills to work and whip out script after script. For the rest of you, TREK offers an easy to use interface for making all those changes, and so many more.

Automatic Account Group Profiling
  • Automatically assign accounts to account groups, based on customer assets and/or contract items, using custom rules that you create.
  • Account Groups are visible in the Tigerpaw Group Explorer where emails, tasks, SOs, and activities can be run against them.
  • Running change log keeps track of all the updates you perform with Trek, whether manual or automatic.

Global Replace and Reassign
  • Account Types
  • Account Statuses
  • Inventory Categories | Sub Categories
  • Inventory Item Statuses
  • Journal Action
  • Journal Types
  • Opportunity Close Reasons
  • Opportunity Statuses
  • Opportunity Types
  • Opportunity Sources
  • Project Statuses
  • Quote Statuses
  • Quote Types
  • Work Order Statuses
  • Rep Statuses
  • Service Order Brief Descriptions
  • Service Order Types
  • Service Order Priorities
  • Service Order Notes
  • Service Zones
  • Service Boards
  • Task Actions
  • Time Log Reasons
  • Countries | States
  • Reassign Rep to Credit on posted invoices
  • Reassign contract to multiple service orders

Locate and Remove
  • Locate and change status of price book items with no activity for a year or more.
  • Locate and change status of accounts with no activity for a year or more.
  • Find all places where a part was used.
  • Remove deposit amount from posted invoice.

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