Tigerpaw Software Announces New Version of their CRM Software

Tigerpaw Software, Business Suite 9 is a comprehensive group of integrated software modules that support sales contact management and quoting, customer service tracking, and inventory control. The suite integrates with Microsoft office and is designed to enhance productivity by tracking prospects throughout sales process. The suite integrates four modules: Pursuit, for contact management; Quotes, for line-item quoting; Service & Repair, for customer service tracking; and Parts, for inventory control and purchasing.

The latest version (9), currently in beta, is designed to optimize the process of managing and empowering your personnel across all channels of customer interactions including phone, fax, e-mail, and our newest Palm extension. Tigerpaw’s Business Suite helps businesses plan, execute, and evaluate workforce optimization strategies that enable them to profitably develop and maintain customer relationships through quality, one-on-one, personal interactions. By ensuring that the right people with the right knowledge are available when customers need them most, Tigerpaw’s solutions have led to increased profitability, customer loyalty and revenue for its customers.

“Customer satisfaction is increasingly being recognized as a critical factor in improving the bottom line,” said Dave Foxall, chief executive officer, Tigerpaw Software. “Our modules offer businesses a unified resource enabling a streamlined approach to workforce optimization and performance management.

Tigerpaw’s Business Suite helps businesses plan, execute and evaluate strategies that focus on the quality of personal interactions by helping them get and keep more customers.