Tigerpaw One

Tigerpaw One eliminates the need to buy, maintain and update multiple applications to manage your business.

With Tigerpaw One, everyone in your company has access to the information they need to be maximally efficient, and you get the reports you need to monitor, manage, and master your job function.

Workflow automation built into Tigerpaw One ensures that your critical business processes are being followed, and nothing falls through the cracks.

Tigerpaw One has been the PSA of choice for thousands of technology solution providers in MSP’s, IT, Telecom/VOIP, AV, Security, Healthcare, Office Equipment and dozens of other technology verticals for OVER 30 YEARS!

Everything you need to successfully run an efficient and profitable technology business is included in Tigerpaw One.

Tigerpaw One’s simple pricing model includes all core modules to run your business. Add users one-at-a-time as you grow, and they all have access the full power of Tigerpaw.

Tigerpaw One is hosted in YOUR offices on YOUR computers –where you have control, security, and no internet latency.

Core PSA Modules CRM, Help Desk, Projects, Time Tracking, Billing, Purchasing, Quoting Included
Local Hosting You are in control of your latency. Your hardware. Your security. Included
Customer Portal Optimized for improved client service and communications. Included
Email Connector Turn emails into service tickets, and automate your communications. Included
Exchange Integrator Bi-directional automatica synch of your Exchange and Tigerpaw contacts and calendars. Included
Employee Portal Keep everyone on the same page at the same time with the same info. Included
API / Integrations Allows Tigerpaw One to be the one place you access data for all key applications. Included
Business Intelligence Real-time reports that are state-of-the-art. Make smarter biz decisions. Included
Tigerpaw Training A fully customized and automated way to train, AND TEST, your employees! Included
Mobile An “On-The-Go” Field Sales and Service Management Solution Included
Monthly Cost/User $89 Flat Fee

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