TAG Webinar Series

The TAG Team along with Tigerpaw has put together this series of three business-building webinars designed specifically to target the MSP audience. Follow along as we show you how to; market, call and set an MSP appointment, and how to increase your close ratio

Targeting the Right MSP Audience & Making an Impact on the Decision Maker

See how success selling managed services begins with targeting the ideal company. The first interaction with the right individual in a company will determine if you have a shot at getting their business or going through a painstaking process that ultimately leads to indecision or defeat.

How Do You Market, Call, & Set an MSP Appointment

This webinar shows you how to dramatically increase the number of your Unified Technology and Managed Service appointments. You will learn marketing strategies that include, how to set up and run a marketing campaign that will grab your prospects attention, come up with a quick phone pitch you will actually feel good about making, as well as how to position your services in a way that will result in new business meetings with prospects and clients.

Presenting Your MSP Proposal: 3 Keys to Increasing Your Close Ratio

See how to turn your MSP proposal into a closed deal. Learn what to say, how to say it, and what information to present so the only conclusion in your prospect's mind is to do business with you.