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Tigerpaw Announces Newest Release of Tigerpaw Mobile on Feb. 10, 2015.

It’s more important than ever to give your reps the tools they need to complete their work while in the field – or risk losing your place in today’s competitive landscape. Now Tigerpaw Mobile is available for those using CRM as well as Service. Read more below...

Tigerpaw Mobile

Tigerpaw Software Inc., developer of the most comprehensive business automation software for technology providers, announces a new and expanded mobile version that now includes major CRM functionality, including real-time access to accounts, contacts and opportunities. This new app will immediately boost sales rep productivity and organization by providing them with full access to customer data, journal notes and contacts anywhere, any time.

In addition to adding the CRM functionality to Tigerpaw Mobile, the pre-existing Field Service functionality has been given a lot of new features and tweaks. Areas given attention in this release include: Standardization, Service Order Timers, Tasks, Time Entry, Service Order entry & Editing, and List Views.

The new and improved Tigerpaw mobile app also brings faster load and response times increasing the efficiency of field representatives, and sports a re-designed user interface (UI) with a new Agenda page, enhanced menu, and new My Dashboard page. The increased speed and new streamlined interface will benefit both the new sale rep users, as well as the large base of existing field service techs, which have been using older versions of the mobile app.

See Tigerpaw Mobile in action.

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business automation software, quoting software, sales lead management

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