Accounting & Payment Processing

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Eliminate double entry of data through Integrations with top accounting packages

Tigerpaw integrates with popular accounting packages, including QuickBooks Pro 2009, 2010 and 2013, QuickBooks Premiere, Peachtree/Sage 50, Cougar Mountain, BusinessWorks Gold and Great Plains. Depending on your accounting package, we offer a real-time option or the ability to batch contacts, account receivables, payments, purchase orders and general ledger data. Achieve greater financial control by carrying over your line item detail automatically to any of our top accounting software integrations.

Save time and gain a strategic edge with automated payment process

Getting paid on time is vital to the success of any company. With Tigerpaw’s Automated Payment Processing, you can set up an agreement or contract to include all the charges to be billed to a customer, link it to real-time asset information and choose the day to process the payment. Tigerpaw emails the invoice and processes the payment automatically – saving you hours of administrative time every week. Tigerpaw's customer, CadréNET, decreased their billing time by over 90%. Read the case study to find out how.

Get a strategic edge with Payment Processing
Reduce the cost and time to collect while increasing collection amounts with automated payment processing. Tigerpaw offers users a single entry for credit cards through a real-time integration between Tigerpaw, BNG Holdings and Vantiv. This integration allows you to accept payments from a credit card or automated clearing house (ACH), accept payments online through a customer portal and automatically process recurring payments with "touch-free" invoicing. BNG will match or improve your current processing rates.

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Reduce the time and cost to collect on your invoices.

Contact us at 800.704.9009 and learn how we can help reduce your time spent on billing every week.