Payment Processing

Gain a Strategic Edge with New Payment Processing Options

Tigperaw allows you to set up predefined billing parameters (such as for your managed services agreements) so invoices can be sent automatically, and payments can be processed with ZERO human intervention. We can take your collections time to 0 days and increase your amounts collected – automatically.

With our payment processing integration, your customers can make payments and partial payments via a customer portal branded to your company.

Other New Payment Features:

  • Automatically trigger invoicing and payment processing for recurring invoices
  • Select all invoices for payment or select invoices individually
  • Create a single, consolidated transaction to charge a credit card or process an ACH payment
  • Apply payments to the oldest invoices or choose partial payment of an invoice
  • Process credit card information once – set it and forget it
  • Payments flow from Tigerpaw into your accounting package
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