Outlook Journal Connector

Are you losing important information?

How many times has an email conversation or support request not been captured on one of your support tickets? Losing that important information can lead to dissatisfied customers, or can even lead to lost customers.

With the Outlook to Journal Connector, emails that you send or receive in Outlook are logged automatically to the journal notes for the corresponding contact in Tigerpaw. It saves you the time it takes to re-enter all data and frees up your time to spend on revenue generating activities.

  • Livebridge - training, education, support, product updates and more.
Outlook to Journal Connector is available at no cost to customers currently on Livebridge. If you are already a Livebridge customer, make sure your using this powerful tool to keep important information captured in one centralized place.

Current customers click HERE and select Integrations located under "Additional Resources" to access the Outlook Journal Connector v2 release notes.

Gain Peace of Mind for your Business

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