Business-Building Webinar Series

The Tigerpaw Team has put together this series of four business-building webinars designed specifically for Technology Solution and Service Providers. This series outlines best practices to grow your business using Tigerpaw.

Calculating Accurate Job Costs – June 10

Whether you bill your clients a retainer for the services you deliver, bill them individually for discrete projects, or some combination of the two. . . do you have your arms around YOUR ACTUAL COST for the services or projects you delivered?

Increasing Profitability with Recurring Services – June 16

This webinar reviews the best practices for producing quotes that include a monthly recurring option, such as monthly maintenance or subscription services. Learn how to take a quote with recurring revenue items and ensure the quote leads to a contract or agreement.

Integrate to Automate and Create Efficiencies – June 19

Technology company CEO Rick Harber of Decision Digital, will show you how to save time and money by using workflow automation to cut inefficiencies in your business processes.

During this live broadcast, Rick will demonstrate how to take some of the most common tasks and procedures that are currently assigned to people (which sometimes fall through the cracks) and have your computers do the work (they don't get bored or forget)!

As part of his presentation, Rick will provide real-life examples to demonstrate how this automation works using Tigerpaw, the business automation tool he uses at Decision Digital.

If you are an existing Tigerpaw user, this webinar will help you tap into the full power of the software you already own, and maybe take a look at some of the powerful add-ons that are now available. This webinar also will be valuable for technology solution providers who are not yet using Tigerpaw, but are interested in learning how to improve service delivery, streamline workflow, and boost profitability.

Projecting Revenue with Increased Accuracy – June 24

Opportunities are not just tools to keep sales staff on track with their leads. They also feed your company with decision-making information through pipeline and funnel reports. Join this webinar to learn how to capitalize on this powerful feature. We will first cover the basic processes for using opportunities successfully. Next, we will discuss ways to track and enhance sales staff productivity. Finally, we will dive into the reports and analytical dashboards available for you to stay on top of it all.