Exchange Integrator Update 5/1/15

Download the most recent version here – Version 3.6.0

  1. Better handling of mismatched domain password

If you change your network password but do not update this password on the MS Exchange tab on your rep record in Tigerpaw, your account cannot be synchronized with Microsoft Exchange. In this situation, the Exchange Integrator now generates a log entry, emails the rep and continues processing other reps. Previously, the Exchange Integrator failed and stopped in this situation. The email notification is sent once a day until the Tigerpaw rep record is updated.

  1. Better handling of Exchange Server and database connectivity issues

If connectivity is lost to the database or Microsoft Exchange, the Exchange Integrator now generates a log entry and retries until it can connect and synchronize. Previously, the Exchange Integrator failed and stopped in this situation.

  1. Ability to select the amount of data to synchronize for new reps

The system administrator can now specify the date range affected when a rep first enables the Exchange Integrator. The new Only sync tasks occurred within the past field on the configuration tool displays these options:
– 3 months
– 6 months
– 9 months
– 1 year
– All
The greater the time period, the longer the synchronization time. We strongly recommend you avoid the “All” option if your exchange calendar has existed for many years.

  1. Improved Outlook-Tigerpaw calendar syncs 

Changing a single instance of a recurring meeting in Outlook now synchronizes that instance correctly with the Tigerpaw calendar.

  1. Fixed pad due task reminder list 

Going forward, the Tigerpaw Business Suite will no longer display future tasks in the past due task reminder list.

  1. Synchronization issues resolved

Synchronization issues were resolved to ensure the Exchange Integrator continuously synchronizes with Outlook.

  1. NULL exception errors fixed 

The Exchange Integrator no longer generates NULL reference exception errors.