Email Connector

Don’t miss connections with your customers!

The Tigerpaw Email Connector monitors an Exchange folder or POP3 account looking for new customer emails or MSP system automated email alerts. When it finds one, it creates a service ticket automatically if the customer can be uniquely identified, or it adds the email to a queue that appears on the Tigerpaw Dispatch Board. In addition, when a customer sends an email regarding an existing service order, that information is automatically attached to the service order. New workflow events are activated to ensure that someone is always aware of the new tickets or email requests so nothing slips through the cracks.

James Foxall, CEO of Tigerpaw Software, Inc. says “Responding to the dozens (or hundreds) of support email requests that come into your organization poses a number of challenges. First and foremost is that someone must be responsible for monitoring the incoming emails. If they get busy, it might be days before the email account is checked, causing delays in responding to your customers and increased workload as you attempt to serve a larger number of requests at once. There is also a challenge in tracking the email threads of discussion that take place between your technicians and your customers. The Tigerpaw Email Connector solves these problems and takes your customer service to the next level.”

Watch this short demo on the Tigerpaw Email Connector and then contact your Tigerpaw Account Representative (800-704-9009 or and ask about the add-on promotion for our valued customers.

  • Service orders are automatically created for incoming emails when the sender can be identified.
  • Full email discussion threads are maintained in service order notes.
  • Incoming attachments from email requests turned into service orders are saved to a shared folder and attached to the service order in Tigerpaw.
  • New workflow events let you know when a service order has been automatically created from an email, when an email for support has been received but the sender isn’t known, and when a service order has been updated by a customer reply email.