2016 Tigerpaw Conference Customer Briefing

Congratulations! If you’re reading this private web page that means you registered for our recent webinar regarding the 2016 Tigerpaw Conference.

This webinar was specifically designed for Tigerpaw customers to have the ability to walk through the agenda planned for the upcoming Tigerpaw Conference scheduled to begin on Oct. 25th. Hosted by James Foxall, President/CEO, and Ashley Kunes, our Customer Experience Manager, they will give you an overview of the agenda and explain what you can expect from breakout sessions, keynotes, evening events and more. Also joining the discussion, will be Pete Engle of Joy Communications. Pete, a long time customer, shares his attendee perspective on the conference and why he attends each year.

Registered for the webinar, but missed it? Saw the webinar live, but want someone else to see it? Click on the video below to watch the recording.